Iowa caucus: so that happened

The results from last nights Iowa caucus have not really told us anything we already did not know – the front-runners are still the same for both parties.

Sure, Trump being in second place was a bit of an upset although Ted Cruz has been in a solid second place for weeks. The only big news out of the Democrats camp is how close Hillary Clinton’s ‘victory’ was, with some expecting her nomination to be more of a formaility rather than something she now has to earn. It was not much of a victory either, with 6 delegates being won by a coin-toss. Such ‘luck’ hardly envokes enthusiasm for ones candidacy.

As for Bernie Sanders, he can walk in to New Hampshire with confidence as he continues to lead in the polls there. Clinton will surely spin this as a victory, but the finish line is still a long way away. Although it would not surprise me if she starts approaching Sanders for the Vice President (VP) position.

The Republican field is still up in the air though. Yet one thing is important, if any Republican candidate decides to go the third party route then the Democrats will win. This spliting of the vote is what happened when Ross Perot (another ‘says what he means’ businessman) ran for president back in 1992, which incidently brought the Clintons in to the White House the first time. As a result, I would expect to see some more VP talks between the top candidates as well – at least unofficially.

So, what next? The candidates head off to New Hampshire to try and win more party delegates and we have Super Tuesday to look forward to on 1 March (take a look at the schedule here). Hopefully, by June we have a clearer picture of who the country gets to vote for in November.


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One thought on “Iowa caucus: so that happened

  1. If that many Iowans voted for a ‘socialist’ then it doesn’t bode well for Clinton unless the corporate powers that be have ways of vote tampering. (not out of the question)


    Posted by keithosaunders | 2 February 2016, 19:11

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