TV Tuesday: ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ – “Charlie Work”

I have watched every episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia up to the end of season 10 (hurry up Netflix!). It is an odd show but by God it is funny. There are too many favourites to choose from – although the Lethal Weapon movies are amazing – I think my favourite has to be episode 4 from season 10.

“Charlie Work” is all about the bitch work Charlie (played by Charlie Day) does at the bar, work which no one else cares about or ever acknowledges. In this episode, the pub gets a surprise health inspection. This is actually Charlie’s favourite day because he always passes and it actually is something he does well. What could go wrong?

Of course, the rest of the gang does not care because they always pass – not remotely aware of the fact the only reason they pass is because of Charlie’s efforts.

The episode almost feels like it was shot in one take, with the camera rushing around behind Charlie as he non-stop tries to keep ahead of the health inspector and the rest of the gangs uselessness. The creativity Charlie employs to get everything right is brilliant and the fact the gang is nearly ruining it every step of the way makes it even better. Yet Charlie must use them to try to get through the inspection.

The reason I like this episode so much is because it is one I relate to the most. We all have had those dead-end jobs where we feel like we put so much effort in to do well and no one else realises it is because of your efforts things work.

Charlie Day’s performance makes the episode. He is relentless in getting the job done and full of so much energy. The pacing of the episode really does make it seem like they shot it all in one take, which is a trick down to editing but also due to the performance.

While Charlie does win in the end, the gang does nothing to recognise his efforts. Of course, with this show you would not expect such shallow characters to.


This episode is all about Charlie and the thankless work he does at the bar, which everybody takes for granted. The highlight of this episode is Day’s performance (owning the entire episode) and the excellent editing and camera work which gives this episode non-stop energy from beginning to end. It’s almost sad when Charlie wins in the end and nobody cares, but with such shallow characters you would not expect anything less.



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