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Friday Night Games: ‘Anarchy in Paradise’

How does the latest chapter measure up?

Knights of the Fallen Empire was released last October to critical claim. The first nine chapters were made available upon release, which we reviewed last month. Yesterday saw the release of the latest chapter: ‘Anarchy in Paradise’.

This chapter introduces us to the character named Firebrand. For those paying attention, the real identity of this person was known way back in October and confirmed in this chapter’s trailer: it is Kaliyo, the first companion in the Agent storyline. It would have been nice for this to have been a surprise, but we knew it was coming. My first character was an Agent, so I have fond memories of first meeting Kaliyo so long ago. The character is rather interesting, she is damaged but strong and never vulnerable. Although, we do learn in this chapter during the five years the Outlander (you) was frozen in carbonite she admittedly became more lazy and (perhaps) a bit vulnerable. With the war on, she has taken to getting revenge on Zakuul for ruining the good times she was having prior to the war.

The bulk of the story here is following Kaliyo around as she gets ready to blow Zakuul up, learning more about her time over the past five years. You have a couple of boss battles and many Skytroopers and Knights of Zakkul thrown at you over the course of the two-hour story. Yet nothing really emerges to shake things up, which is a bit disappointing after waiting two months. Yet the crux of the story occurs in the back half, where you must decide how far you will go to take down Prince Arcann (the current ruler of Zakuul). It is here your choices really make an impact on the story going forward.

You also have some companion quests featuring Blizz (the wonderful Jawa from the Bounty Hunter storyline) and HK-55, which adds another hour or so of content.

So far, the story is solid and the gameplay is consistent (albeit fairly easy), but we are there for the story at this stage and it is good with high production values. Is it worth a continued subscription? Well, you do get some rewards thrown at you for keeping your subscription going. I am keen to keep it because I think the game is better for it (the F2P is too punishing, but you can get the core stories done – eventually). However, I think some people would be more inclined to wait until all the chapters are out before jumping in. I for one think there is enough end-game content to keep you going from month-to-month (depending on how many alts you have), and you can always jump back into the core stories which are much easier (and enjoyable) thanks to the revamp it got in October.


The story continues with ‘Anarchy in Paradise’ where we meet (or regroup) with Kaliyo as she wreaks havoc on Zakuul. This chapter was slightly disappointing given the two month wait, but the back half of the story makes up for it as your choices (some would say for the first time) really impact the story going forward. I am still keen now more than ever to stick with this story to see how it ends in August. Not everyone will be keen to keep their subscriptions going until then, opting instead to have all the story available before paying. I for one am happy with how things are going in Knights of the Fallen Empire, and I am looking forward to what happens next month.



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