Cold War II: Russia’s revenge

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has stated a new Cold War has begun. Speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, he said he found himself wondering if it was 2016 or 1962. He places the blame on NATO and Western countries for their provocative attitude. I wonder why? Invading Ukraine; ongoing support in Syria to keep Assad in power; insisting their nuclear weapons would be used if necessary; or any number of statements and actions through Putin’s ongoing term. Russia is the victim here though? Granted, we do not get both sides of the story through Western media, but Russia’s actions are not usually inline with international norms. I think Russia does have a positive role to play in world affairs, but for now they just seem overly antagonistic. If they want to change things (presumably for the better) then have at it through diplomacy or setting example. Blatantly raging against the machine and continuing to be antagonists will not improve Russia’s standing with the rest of the world.


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