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Friday Night Games: “Verde Station”

What is Verde Station? As many reviews have put it: the less you know about it the more enjoyable your experience will be. Not much of a sales pitch perhaps, but this it is very accurate. I did not know much about the game going in to it, and I am glad I did not know more.

Basically, this is a game sometimes referred to as a ‘walking simulator’. These are games which do not feature your traditional game mechanics (e.g., shooting lots of things), rather the story and experience is the central focus. The story here is you are the only person onboard a space station and it is your job to keep things running for one year until your replacement arrives. Still not convinced you should invest the time or money?

I will not spoil the experience for you by revealing anything, suffice it to say the experience is worth it. The game starts straightforward enough, but after a few minutes in you start to question things. One question leads to another, naturally, which in turn leads you to continue exploring your surroundings. Things start to change, very subtly at first, then you start to question what is going on. Then, you start to question your sanity. There are plenty of environmental cues and things to read which help fill in the story. However, much of this game (like most) is a subjective experience and part of the excitement is filling in the blanks about what is going on. You never get a direct answer as to why you are here, but anything on the nose would ruin the experience.

Having read some of the reviews and forums after having played this game, I found my experience to be different than others. This does not mean we played different games or did not see the same things. Instead, our subjective experiences led us to different conclusions about what this all meant or what had happened at Verde Station. I think my view was more cynical while others saw it as tragic.

Is this game worth the price of admission? If you are looking for an interesting story and have an hour or two then it is certainly worth the cost. You could spend more on a movie ticket, sit and stare at a wall for the same amount of time. Or you can buy this and have an interactive movie experience as well as an enjoyable time trying to figure it all out. This game is part science fiction (in as much as it occurs in space) and big part mystery.

What is Verde Station?

An interesting take on what games can offer players: a solid interactive experience which will leave you thinking long after you finish playing.


This so-called ‘walking simulator’ offers a rich interactive experience, highlighting what games can offer players when the focus is purely on the story and the experience. You need to play this game to appreciate what it offers, yet revealing too much would ruin the experience. Dole out the cash if you want to play something different which will at least leave you thinking about what is all meant.



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