PC gaming challenges consoles

On the eve of the UK’s first ever PC-gaming convention, the BBC reports how PC gaming is challenging consoles in digital interactive entertainment.

I have been a PC gamer for 15 years, before then I was a dedicated console player – from NES to Playstation. I cannot point to a defining moment when I decided to go from one to the other. Probably influence from my friends who usually played on PCs, plus I enjoyed one or two LAN parties in my day. What cemented my commitment was when I first decided to build my own desktop PC from scratch. A terrific thing to do but an expensive hobby.

The article suggests the change is due to cheaper technology prices and a more tech savvy consumer. The initial cost for a homemade PC is going to set you back £1500-2500 on the high-end or £500-800 on the entry-level side for out-of-the-box. Such gaming rigs though will last you at least 5 years or more before needing to upgrade your hardware. The best thing about homemade is you can by hardware with upgrading in mind, so you can hold on to the motherboard for much longer before upgrading.

“I believe the PC will continue to rise in prominence as the preferred digital interactive entertainment device.”

Consoles are generally cheaper investments compared to a desktop PC (although laptops are surprisingly powerful these days, but generally more expensive and still not as powerful as a desktop can be) but you are limited to those hardware specifications. Xbox, Playstation and Wii devices will set you back around £300.

PCs also have a committed modding community which is simply non-existent on consoles. The time and energy some people invest in modding a game or creating their own assets to share (usually for free) is simply amazing.

I certainly enjoy console games and what they have to offer, but I am a spoiled PC user and have grown so accustomed to keyboard and mouse set-ups (although controllers are an option I am not keen to use it).

Despite the rise of powerful tablets, mobile phones and 3rd generation consoles, I believe the PC will continue to rise in prominence as the preferred digital interactive entertainment device. The amount of power you can get out of a desktop PC is still years ahead of anything other devices can come close to. Cheaper technology and a tech savvy culture will only increase the demand for PC systems.

Most of us already spend a ridiculous amount of time on a computer, why have three separate devices when a PC can do all of it better? Granted, a desktop PC isn’t very portable, but perhaps being a little less connected all the time would be a good thing!


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