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The Walking Dead – “Not Tomorrow Yet”

This episode featured an amazing soundtrack from the very beginning. When the teaser music began playing though I had to double check I was following a day in the life of Carol, which easily looked like a possible spin-off show. Not much happened in the first half here altough the focus on Carol, who has been absesnt for two episodes, was worthwhile. We saw her and Morgan adress their ‘situation’ about the Wolf prisoner and why no one has talked about it, and we saw she still had some emotions burried (deep) beneath her sometimes icy exterior. It was even a nice touch to see her leave a cookie on Sam’s grave, I do not think she felt responsible for his death but she certainly must have felt something for the poor kid.

The group’s idea about using a Walker’s head as a decoy for Gregory’s to get inside the compound was clever and funny, especially when Rick ended up breaking its nose to try to make it look more authentic.

It was good seeing Carol address why Maggie was coming along being pregnant and all. Maggie’s justification was she brokered the deal and had to come, she did not want to look like some armchair general here. I get it, and I think it works for the character, but it is still odd. Then again, we the viewer sometimes approach this show from our ‘normal’ perspective whereas this ‘new world’ does not follow the same rules. If this is what the show is going for then fair enough, being pregnant should not really matter (she is still very capable, but when she become, uh, less mobile shall we say, then she would start becoming more of a risk). Equality between the sexes in the zombie apocalypse is very progressive!

“The Saviour’s are looking to be a very tough group to go against – despite Rick’s Army being two for two.”

The last half of this episode was tense as the group infiltrated The Saviour’s compound, killing (almost) every single person inside. This episode was clearly directed by Greg Nicotero, the action was tense and the editing tight. It was good to see the Saviour’s look every bit as capable as Rick’s group are: they are well armed and had they not been ambushed may have been able to repel Rick’s assault. Fortunately for Rick and Co., the element of surprise was on their side for a while. Despite the victory though, the Saviour’s are looking to be a very tough group to go against – despite Rick’s Army being two for two.

Finally, this show ends with Carol and Maggie being captured and Rick’s group out in the open. Turns out, their was a survivor from the Saviours who managed to radio in for support before trying to escape by bike. This bike just so happened to be Daryl’s homemade one which got stolen from him in “Always Accountable” by a group of people fleeing an unknown group (although there is a strong possibility this was The Saviours). Not much about these people are revealed in that episode, yet it began to paint a picture of what is most likely to become the major plot next season.


With only four episodes left, the tension continues to raise week after week. We know Rick and Co. are supposed to be the good guys, yet launching a pre-emptive attack on The Saviours with such brutality does not make them out to be paragons of virtue. As mentioned though, we cannot look at this show through our ‘normal’ understanding of morality. This is an unforgiving world where choices can lead to devastating consequences, where doing something can sometimes be just as bad (or worse) than doing nothing at all. Everyone’s arguments about what to do were right, and all you can ever do is make a choice and live with whatever consequences it brings. In this show, we know those consequences are not going to be all happy and cheery.





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