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Friday Night Games: “Disavowed”

Here we are again, another month and another episode in the Knights of the Old Republic storyline. I know it is too early, but I am eager to find out where this particular arc will end up and what Bioware has in mind for future threads.

This month comes “Disavowed”, the story of Havoc Squad member Aric Jorgan (from the Trooper storyline) as he leads a new group behind enemy lines. We meet up with him while he is on a mission and join up to keep fighting against Emperor Arcaan.

The story here has the most action and is a quick, non-stop hour of entertainment. The action is really solid although it does get annoying dropping in Skytroopers every few minutes to extend the play time. Granted, it makes sense within the story but having new forces each month would be interesting. This episode felt like an action movie though, which was a nice change.

There were quite a few bugs during the early launch, which for subscribers is pretty annoying. Subscribers are supposed to get to play two days earlier, yet it ends up feeling like a beta test rather than early access. However, there were some great jokes to be had given Aric Jorgan is mostly naked the first time you meet him. Awkward! He takes going commando way too seriously it seems.

Fortunately, most of these bugs were not ruinous, just simply annoying.

The monthly episodic content is working out well so far, with the downtime between episodes much less noticable now since we did not have to wait as long as we did for chapter ten.

It was also nice not seeing Arcaan and Vailyn this episode and just focus on the good guys. Which is not to say I do not enjoy seeing those two characters, it was just a nice subtle change for this episode. I was disappointed though not having any new companions released other than Jorgan or any other content in this episode to last over the month. Still, I have plenty to still do on my other characters to keep me busy.


This episode is all about the action and features some great set pieces. The story overall does not move too much further, only introducing us to Aric Jorgan from Havoc Squad. The pacing is solid and the chapter only lasts an hour at most with no other content. Again, non-subscribers will probably want to wait until everything has been released but for those who do pay it is just enough to keep you going. Although there are no real cliffhangers to keep you interested to see what happens next.


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