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Sunday Night Movies: “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”

I am not sure what prompted me to watch this film originally. I did not see it during its original theatrical release but I was aware of it as well as Clerks and Mallrats. Perhaps it was after hearing some friends talk about it, but I decided to watch it again after many, many years. Surprisingly, it is still a good movie – and damned funny.

Sure, I think most of these jokes are one-time things you get a good laugh out of but if you saw it again a week later it might lose its strength. Since I had not seen it in so long I found many of the jokes still worked well after 15 years (seriously, that long ago?).

The plot is basically about Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) learning they have been shortchanged by a movie being made based on their characters from a comic. Yet they are more upset about how the Internet (which was still in its infancy back in 2001) message boards respond to the movie being made in the first place. So they set out to cancel the production and get people to stop talking badly about them, not necessarily realising they would be loosing out on lots of money if they were successful. The rest of the film is basically a buddy road trip movie with numerous cameos from well-known stars (who have also featured in previous Smith films).

While there is a tendency for the scene to be strung together like a sketch show, there is an actual movie here which works so well. It is just a funny film and, bearing in mind some of the stars were just starting out, the cameos are just great even if only for the few minutes they are there. The self-awareness from the film also leads to some great laughs and the fact it does not take itself too seriously, although everyone involved commits to everything going on which makes it all the better. I also enjoy how the movie makes fun of Hollywood and includes appearances by high-profile actors and directors who take great pleasure in parodying themselves.


This is a great movie to take a look at if you have not seen it in a while. Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with Smith’s universe or even who these characters are because the film works well on its own. I really enjoyed everything this movie has to offer and it was nice to switch the brain off for a while and just have a lot of good laughs.



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