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Friday Night Games: “Just Cause 3”

The first Just Cause was barely playable, the second game was simply amazing in its graphical accomplishments and the third game is basically the things which worked well in one and two. The common theme? Blowing $%^& up!

This franchise has always been about being an army of one in order to depose of a despot in some backwater country no one has ever heard of. You are Rico Rodriguez, who is part Antonio Banderes and one part Spiderman. I think there is a story or some plot buried throughout these games, but it does not really matter. These games are the epitome of the saying, “Plot in games is like plot in porno, does not need to be there but everyone expects it.” What is my motivation? Beat the bad guy, kill lots of people and blow things up. Basically a Michael Bay film, right?

Do not let the simplicity of this games premise put you off playing it because what it lacks in substance it makes up for in pure entertainment and gameplay. Just Cause 3 is a sandbox game (everywhere is open to you from the beginning) where you capture bases, destroy things, complete challenges to get better gear or skills all in the name of completing a story you do not really care about. Yet doing those aforementioned things allows you to see some amazing fireworks and perform ridiculous, physics defying acts. Figuring out new ways to destroy things is where most of the fun comes from. In a way, it is a physics simulator wrapped in a third-person shooter.

Still, the game is awfully repetitive and only good in small doses. I got into the habit of playing for maybe an hour to complete some random challenge or start one story mission (which are generally very well done) then go do something else with my time. This is not a bad thing per se because I did want to keep coming back to the game, but only for short periods of time.

When I did finally beat the game (after about 15-20 hours) I did not feel like I accomplished much – a hallow victory. Nor did I feel inclined to clean up the map in search of collectables or complete the odd challenge I may have missed. So it may be better for you to tackle the game one island at a time before moving on rather than get the main story out of the way first.

There is a new DLC I have yet to play which looks equally silly but features Rico in a jetpack and killer robots. Just do not think about that sentence for too long and focus on the last few words: jetpack and killer robots.


I was expecting more from Just Cause 3 but it ends up being more of the same for the franchise. Sure, this game was never about revolutionising the industry, it is simply an entertaining game: a game’s game if you will. This is not a bad game in small doses but I did find it got repetitive and a bit boring if I played it too long. Might be best to wait until you can find this game in the bargain bin.



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