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The Walking Dead – “Twice as Far”

On this week’s episode not much really happened. If anything, this is a bottle episode which is setting up for the big finale.

It was good to catch up with the other players in the series, which felt like we had not spent too much time with them recently. The majority of this episode involved two groups out on a supply run. In one group we had Daryl, Rosita and Denise and in the other just Abraham and Eugene. Denise suggested they head to an old pharmacy shop for supplies while Eugene was investigating his big idea – to turn a local factory into a munitions depot.

Denise wanted to tag along despite her inexperience because she wanted to prove to herself she could do it. Frustratingly, this led to some dumb rookie moves on her part which I found annoying. The only good thing here was seeing the world from a novice’s eyes, which we have not done so in a very long time. None of these criticisms is due to Merritt Wever’s performance as Denise, who has been great to watch since she first appeared back in episode “JSS”.

Of course, I should say was great to have watched because you know, that happened. It was rather a senseless death, even though it does happen in the comics to Abraham. It is also unfortunate to have happened around the same time as The 100 fallout, only reinforcing the trope gay characters are the new red shirts. That said, I do not think anyone affiliated with the show did this intentionally. Yet when you become aware of this tendency to kill off the red shirts then the tension becomes non-existent and you no longer feel it is necessary to invest in anything about the characters because you know they are going to die. Merritt Wever will be missed.

The ambush at the railroad track was also a tense standoff. Go figure the second time back when Daryl decides to take the quicker path down the tracks would lead to Denise’s death. We also get to see Dwight from “Always Accountable” (which seems to have been a more important episode than first thought) sporting a scorched face. It should be noted people who seem to go against Negan end up mutilated. Last week, Saviour Michelle had her finger cut off for stealing and Dwight, who tried to escape the compound before, ends up with a scarred face. Yet this attack by The Saviours has been the only successful encounter so far, whereas Rick and Co have seen three out of four victories. More importantly, The Saviours know where Alexandria is, which means they are coming.

The last two episodes are going to be intense and I hope the foreshadowing of Negan and The Saviours will be worth it.


This is a bottle episode where not much happens, mostly character building and setting the pieces for the season finale. The quality of this show is still great but even for 16 episodes I would like to see more things happening in regards to The Saviours. Fortunately, I do not think we will have to wait for long.




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