Barack in Cuba

US President Barack Obama has made an historic visit to the island nation of Cuba. An embargo has been in place since 1962 in hopes of destablising the Communist nation and Cold War adversary. However, Obama has taken measures to end the embargo and begin formal relations with Cuba. Why now? Well, not to be too cynical, this is Obama wanting to cement his legacy: the President who ended the embargo and began relations anew. Nevermind the fact there has been an increase in the number of political prisoners in Cuba, censorship is widley used and freedom of speech minimal or non-existent. To my knowledge, Obama has placed no conditions on Cuba making changes to its political system. He just wants the embargo gone and to be the one to do it. Personally, the embargo should have ended a long time ago because it clearly has not worked (and probably hurt more Cubans in the process). Yet having an American president going to Cuba while people continue to be oppressed and not saying or doing much to address it? Not impressed.


2 thoughts on “Barack in Cuba

  1. I expect you’re right that in part this is about Obama’s legacy, but it’s also a result of Congressional obstructionism. He couldn’t move to address larger systemic domestic problems after healthcare, so he started looking for things he could do that aren’t controlled by Congress. Obama tries to address obsolete laws and agreements, since he isn’t allowed to directly guide the formation of new laws. The trade embargo with Cuba failed. It didn’t accomplish what it was intended to do. And the world balance of power is radically different now. Cuba’s just a nearby market for American products and a source of good music and baseball players, not a threat to U.S. security any more.


    Posted by Invisible Mikey | 24 March 2016, 19:04

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