On the EU referendum

I will be discussing this issue in greater depth between now and 23 June (take a look at an earlier article here) but just a quick aside for now. For those of you not living in the UK or keeping an eye on BBC, the news stories so far have featured an endless diatribe against leaving the EU. Story after story is about how the world will end if the UK were to leave: you will no longer be safe, it will cost too much, trade wars, migrants will flood our shores (even more than now), the UK will break apart, mass hysteria! Yes, and even think of the children. I am told Project Fear was deployed during the Scottish referendum as well. To be fair, all of these scenarios are entirely possible. Yet what I object to is how tacky and blatant this attempt to frighten people with uncertainty is – these are not arguments, it is merely worst-case speculation. Both sides of the issue need to present concrete arguments (the Leave side has been quiet on this too) rather than appeal to base emotions.


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