Dems sit-in protest

As the BBC reports, US Congressional Democrats are waging a sit-in to force a vote on gun control (a vote which was already defeated in the Senate) in the House. I admire people sticking to their convictions and I like to think these people have good intentions, and this is not just some shameless political stunt. House Speaker Paul Ryan could easily end it by allowing a vote and moving on. However, the solution the Democrats favour – stronger background checks and keeping people on watch lists from buying guns – have nothing to do with what happened in Orlando. Mateen passed every check and was no longer on any watch list. Yet the Democrats insist on making life more difficult for law abiding citizens, forgoing due process and taking away someone’s 2nd Amendment rights because they were on a watch list, which itself is highly unconstitutional by being done in secret without a person’s knowledge and they are unable to challenge it or have their name removed (even the late Senetor Ted Kennedy was once on a terror watch list). Mateen was an American citizen with rights, even though he chose to abuse them and deprive others of theirs. Just because our emotions may dictate a just action, we cannot allow laws to be made which deprive others of their rights without due process.


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