EU referendum: What now?

With the vote over, the predictable fault lines are showing. Unsurprisingly, Cameron has offered his resignation come this October and the EU has responded with a stiff upper-lip. Supporters in Europe have seen this as an opportunity to bring referendums to their own countries where (surprisingly) anti-EU sentiment is even stronger (e.g., France); keeping in mind it is election time in some of these countries. Yet the more troubling prospects come from Scotland and Northern Ireland, where they voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU. Scotland’s minister Nicola Sturgeon has said this outcome has nearly guaranteed another independence referendum. The logic has been Scots voted to stay in the UK in part to stay in the EU, but today’s outcome may change things. However, I think Scotland’s chances of independence are increasingly complicated with this vote, but I will discuss this in more detail latter today. For now, we just have to let the waves settle before moving forward.


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