What I want from No Man’s Sky

I have kept an eye on No Man’s Sky since hearing about it in 2013. While what was shown over the years sounded very interesting, we were never really sure about what the game was going to be like. With the PS4 version released on Monday, the reviews have been mostly positive. Yet the PC version is aiming to be the definitive version of No Man’s Sky. The questions still stands though: what am I expecting?

In short, I want to feel awe at exploring this universe; the joy of seeing a planet for the first time, of traveling to anywhere I can see – I want my curiosity to never be satisfied. From early reviews-in-progress, it looks the the game will do just this; however, whether or not the game can keep inspiring awe with its explore-exploit loop without becoming tedious has yet to be seen.

My concern is the resource gathering becomes as annoying as finding malaria pills was in Far Cry 2. While it was not a game breaking feature in Far Cry, it was still an annoyance to have to go on a mission so I could get a new stock of pills. It tried to be a mechanic to motivate players, instead it became something I had to do in order to get on with the stuff I really wanted. In short, it was a nussance.

No Man’s Sky is a game I have always dreamed about since I first began playing games as a wee boy. More specifically, it was something I wanted in Star Trek and Star Wars games but was always restricted by game design (or more likely, lack of technology). In fact, when I think about No Man’s Sky I think about my love of Star Trek and the idea of exploring the unknown.

I love the idea of being able to find an unknown planet and go down to explore it, discovering its secrets or feeling like its something all new which no one has ever experienced before.

This spirit of exploration is what I want most from No Man’s Sky.


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