KOTFE: “Mandalore’s Revenge”

This chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire has our hero the Outlander forging an alliance with the galaxy’s toughest warriors – the Mandalorian’s.

I will skip the lore behind what makes the Mandalorian’s so feared (take a look here if you are interested) but basically they are Star Wars’ version of the Klingons – although more humanoid and less alien. It is this warrior and clan mentality which the Mandalorian’s embody which provides the backbone to the story. Not only are you trying to recruit the best warriors in the galaxy to defeat Arcann’s Empire, but you have to worry about whether this alliance of convenience will lead them to keep fighting once the war is over (the same dilemma you had in Mass Effect with the Krogan).

We also get the return of Shae Vizla, who was first introduced in Shadow of Revan, where she exiled herself on the planet Rishi. Now, she has become leader of all Mandalorian’s to help defeat the Eternal Empire. This is not the Shae Vizla we fought with in the past. Sure, she is still a badass warrior, but the burdens of leadership in wartime have led her to become more mature, and her goals for the Mandalorian’s is quite radical.

Torian Cadera, another Mandalorian first seen in the Bounty Hunter storyline, is also brought back. I do not remember much about him from the Bounty Hunter story, except I thought he was a bit whinny for a Mandalorian. His back story though is relevant to this chapter. In short, his father refused to join with Mandalore (basically the title of the Mandalorian leader) and the Sith Empire, which led to a bit of a civil war within the Mandalorian clans. This led to Torian being an outcast from Mandalorian society.

The overall theme in this chapter is what to do with the Mandalorian’s once the war is over. Are you going to be left with another Empire to take its place? Are they going to keep fighting and bring about another war? Or are they capable of being honourable without constant fighting?

I played this chapter distrusting the Mandalorian’s but ultimately giving them a chance to prove themselves. The alternative is to keep being distrustful of them and basically just use them for the war against the Eternal Empire. I have not played this way just yet although my Sith Warrior is prime to take this line against them. She is brutal like that!

As far as gameplay goes, we are introduced to a new planet – Darvannis, which is a wild desert world – and the fights (as you would expect with Mandalorians) are non-stop against the Empire. This is an action-heavy chapter with some excellent choices weaved throughout the story. I am not sure how these choices will differ throughout the remaining stories as I have not played it with my alt characters just yet, although I will update later accordingly.

From what I played though, this is another excellent chapter in the Knight of the Fallen Empire storyline.



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