KOTFE: “Profit and Plunder”


This episode is basically a Star Wars version of Ocean’s Eleven, and this is a great thing.

It may seem odd to take on a more light-hearted tone after “Visions in the Dark”, which was like The Empire Strikes Back, but the plot continues to centre around bringing an end to Arcann’s reign. How? By stealing a ship full of the Empire’s riches.

The story begins by recruiting two of the funniest characters in The Old Republic (the other would be the HK droids): Gault and Vette. These characters first appeared in the Bounty Hunter and Sith Warrior storylines, respectively, and have always brought a light touch to their stories.

Gault in particular is like a fast-talking car salesman who does not give you a chance to actually think about what it is he is saying. If anyone did, they probably would have left or covered their ears within the first few seconds. Yet Gault’s charm usually baits unwitting victims before they ever know what he is up to. He is a rotten scoundrel you love to hate if he was a real person, but as a character in this story he brings charm, wit and humour to the proceedings.

Vette, on the other hand, is generally an innocent young woman who got dealt a raw hand in life. When you first meet her in the Sith Warrior storyline she is a slave, which you can keep her as one or treat her more humanely if you like (my alts mix between the two). However, she is not so innocent to be bothered by simple acts of revenge (or perhaps a people’s justice) and sticking it to others she thinks deserve it. Like Gault, she too offers occasionally pithy insights and witty humour. Vette is a favourite of many players and I am sure they are glad to have her back by their side.

(A slight note, the voice behind Vette is Catherine Taber, who also does the voice of Amidala in the Clone Wars animated series and other Star Wars projects.)

The heist itself is fun once it turns in to a run-and-gun escape and pure Star Wars action-adventure. The method by which the riches are stolen from the ship its on is rather ingenious even by sci-fi standards. Also, the expression on Vaylin’s face when she discovers an empty vault is fantastic – a worthy thumb-in-the-eye against the Empire.

This chapter is a nice detour from the usual proceedings of fighting against the Empire, and it is great to have some more light-hearted characters around at this stage in the story.




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