Election 2016: a lesser of two God-awful choices

Thank God, it is almost over! What has been the worst election in my life time, featuring the two worst possible candidates, is almost over.

Wednesday morning we will either have –¬†baring some cosmic third-party coup – President-elect Clinton or Trump. That sentence alone should leave many people around the world sleepless.

Personally, neither candidate is a good choice. I am more inclined toward Donald Trump from a purely political perspective, namely – he is not Hillary Clinton. Even if I was going to vote (which I am not because Absentee ballots are rarely actually counted), I would not vote for either of them. My vote would go to a third-party candidate or probably Patrick Stewart.

The only silver lining to a Clinton presidency is, unlike a box of chocolates, you know exactly what you are going to get, namely: corruption and a continuation of Barack Obama’s presidency. Millions of American voters do not mind either of these.

Yet because Hillary is a Clinton, no matter how many laws she flouts, it does not matter because the actual laws do not apply to her. The rest of us, on the other hand, have to take it up the backside (unless you somehow have the right connections to the Clintons). Fortunately, the Clinton’s are purely political animals (who would probably make Machiavelli embarrassed) so even their most liberal policies will depend on which way the winds are blowing. Sadly, she lacks the charm of Bill to make it look like¬†anything other than blatant politics.

More practically, there are very few if any policies I agree with Clinton on. I agree with more of Trump’s policies (whatever those might actually be is anyone’s guess), but not by a wide margin.

My Predictions


  • Clinton (48%)
  • Trump (47%)
  • Third-party (5%)


  • Clinton (278)
  • Trump (260)

US SENATE: in favour of the Democrats (so impeachment is off the tables)

US HOUSE: remains Republican

Whatever the outcome, it is going to be an awful four years at least. I am not going to watch the coverage and I am not looking forward to waking up Wednesday morning to find out the results. Nothing about this election leaves me feeling good, rather it feels like a bitter pill to swallow – a pill it turns out was supposed to be administered rectally.

The best possible outcome is we get a seat-warmer for the next four years before someone worthwhile comes along. Four years where nothing really bad happens, and the President just keeps things humming along until we can move on with our lives and 2017 – 2021 are never mentioned again in our lifetimes.

I know, I am an eternal optimist!

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