FBI Director says ‘nothing to see here’

A week before the election FBI Director James Comey wrote to members of Congress stating the FBI had found more than 650,000 emails pertaining to the Clinton investigation where she had a private email server set-up. The original investigation was closed with no prosecution recommended (FYI, it is not the FBI Directors job to recommend whether or not to prosecute; nonetheless hold a press conference about it) despite the letter of the laws clearly being violated.

It took more than a year for the FBI to comb through more than 60,000 emails before making a decision. However, we are to believe they managed to get through more than 10 times that in less than a week?

Granted, as some commentators have noted, many of those 650,000 emails were likely duplicates of already reviewed (often classified mind you) information. Yet even if only 10 per cent were worthwhile, there is a bit of a discrepancy in these investigative proceedings.

Fair enough, I am neither a lawyer or law enforcement investigator, but just looking at those numbers makes you think something just does not sit right.

Then again, this is likely what we will be seeing over the next 8 years under a Clinton presidency.

It is good to be a Clinton.


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