Take my California, please

As happens whenever the election does not go California’s way: secession!

It happened with George W Bush and now it has unsurprisingly happened with Donald J Trump.

I suppose this would be a regular event: secede when it does not go our way, join back when the Democrats are back in power.

On a philosophical level, I am all in favour of self-determination and, if the situation is so dire to warrant such action, secession. For example, the people of the UK are well within their rights to leave the EU, as are those in Scotland to leave the UK if they so choose.

However, as far as the United States goes, the question of whether states could leave or not has already been answered. In short, uh, no, you cannot. There is no process for it within the US Constitution either for states to leave the United States.

California could rebel of course and claim itself independent, which other nation-states could (and probably would) recognise. This would also require California to set-up all the institutions of a nation it currently does not have. It would then be up to the Federal government to decide whether it should let them go or force them back in (I would bet on the latter if it is Trump).

Now having considered this seriously for far too long, this is just another woe-is-me from people who do not like to lose and treat every scratch and bruise as a mortal wound; they look like those overly dramatic falls from footballers who are trying to get the opposing team carded.

More to the point, it is just pathetic. California, you do not like Trump or probably many Republicans. Some of you lot think the rest of the country is backwater yokels who lack your grasp of reality to agree with you on every issue. I get it, your life would be better if everyone thought about things just like you do; diversity of people but not of thought!

Get over yourselves. This is not the end of the world.

Trump may end up being Hitler-21 (I sincerely doubt it), which will make opposing him all the easier. Better yet, you will be able to shout from the roof tops with unashamed smugness “Told you so!” Would that not be such a better outcome for you? Vindication!

But no. It is not going to happen. Sorry.

So rather than waste the effort on something which is not going to happen, how about you keep doing what your doing in California – such a beacon of virtue has people flooding away from you – and as far as Trump goes: oppose him and argue against him or, better yet, offer better alternatives.

But no, your idea is so much better.


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