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KOTFE: “Gemini Deception”

This next chapter in the Knights of the Fallen Empire story sees our heroes heading to a lone ship of the Eternal Fleet in hopes of capturing Gemini Prime.

The Prime unit is basically an ‘inferior model’ of SCORPIO, which she cannot allow to continue existing, but for the Alliance holds the key to taking control of the Eternal Fleet and with it Arcann’s hold on the throne.

We are expecting to face heavy resistance on-board yet this ends up not being the case. I hear Admiral Ackbar calling!

Instead, you spend the level facing off against Gemini Prime as you race to capture her. The Prime unit is just as menacing and twisted as SCORPIO, in many ways they both are a call-back to SHODAN from the System Shock series. There are a few trap puzzles (e.g., floor lasers!) in this level, which I would like to see more of throughout the series. Of course, despite these obstacles getting control of the ship is an easy task (the lack of difficulty in KOTFE has been well documented).

What is surprising though is SCORPIO gets fried in the processes of trying to hijack the Prime. More problems ensue as we learn Arcann has been called-in by the Prime and is on his way.

While trying to get to the Prime, Lana discovers some high-value prisoners on-board, each representing the game’s factions (Republic, Sith, Empire). Each of them want to join the Alliance, but first we need to get control of the ship.

The boss battle with Gemini Prime is one of my favourites so far. Sure, it is not as challenging as I would like it to be but it is still a worthwhile fight.

Once you defeat her, an auto-destruct sequence is initiated and you must race to escape. Along the way you must decide which prisoners you should save because not all the escape pods are likely to work according to Theron. In my first play-through I chose the Republic and Sith prisoners (the Empire’s people were just popular entertainers!), which Senya did not like. I am not sure if this is a major choice or not, but how you choose will rub someone the wrong way.

We all escape on-board the Gravestone to lick our wounds after what appears to be a failed mission.

Then we learn the truth.

SCORPIO is as untrustworthy as we all expected her to be (something the Imperial Agents could attest to). Although, to be fair, she never did hide her intentions – she was always better than people and always wanted to be free.

It turns out she did not die, rather, she uploaded her consciousness throughout the Eternal Fleet. Why? She wanted the Prime units to have the same free will she has enjoyed. For those of you who have not played the Imperial Agent storyline, SCORPIO was a slave to others like the Prime units were, so her motivations fit in perfectly with the character. Basically, she has been planning her own revolution for her kind the whole time.

SCORPIO now controls the Eternal Fleet and sits on the Eternal Throne.

What a bitch!




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