Goodbye, 2016!

I am still not quite sure what to make of 2016. It really feels like a bad hangover, or like the time I get hit by a car.

The two biggest stories this year were Brexit and Trump – two things I never thought would actually happen.

I want Brexit to happen because I think Europe is dying; the EU has noble intentions but in practice is nothing but a cabal; and Britain will be better off doing things its way out of Europe’s back pocket. I also think Brexit was a wonderful F-off to the intelligentsia who continue to talk-down to us – who would be lost and even more bigoted without their blessed guidance.

Trump was also another F-you to the powers that be. I do not agree with many things Trump does or says, and I am sceptical (but hopeful) about his chances of success. Yet in hindsight, his rise has been utterly predictable. Granted, if the Democrats put forward almost any other person other than Hillary Clinton, then things may have been different. I doubt it, but maybe Bernie Sanders (who at least had the temerity to be honest about his politics) would have done better.

Personally, 2016 has been an adventurous year living in Scotland. I have enjoyed my job and time here, been able to be with my family more (especially my nieces and nephews) and look forward to doing tourist stuff in 2017. I have also been able to do programming more, which has been fun and a rewarding experience I hope to turn in to a career.

Oh, and Star Wars: The Old Republic has been awesome. So was Rogue One. And Star Trek: Beyond. And news of a new TV show. And there are lots of new games to look forward too in 2017 (Mass Effect!, South Park!) And science news was awesome this year too. Basically, being a nerd has been good!

Anyway, let us keep this short.

For the first time in a long while, I am actually feeling slightly hopeful about the new year. To be fair, I always start a new year by telling myself “Here’s to making it better than the last one!” The hope does not always last long before life comes kicking you in the face.

Nonetheless, in my years of existence, I have learned to appreciate the good days because they do not seem to last long, but the good and bad come and go. So:

Here’s to making it better than the last one!



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