I am a traveller, an adventurer, a scholar – a man passionate for expanding my horizons past the impossible. Lofty ambitions to be sure, yet as the website says: “knowing every face, every place.” What’s this mean? In short, the world is my business.

That’s what this site aims for – to engage with the world. Focusing on my favourite subjects: history, philosophy, politics, business and technology. Yet it’s also a site where you can learn about me. Who I am? What are my passions in life? What are my goals?

I’m a Kiwi-American (or Kanky, if you will) who was born in the United States and lived in New Zealand since 2005, and am currently residing in Scotland (imagine the accent!). I moved to New Zealand to be with family and study at University where my studies (broadly) included: history, philosophy, politics, international relations, human rights, journalism and business. This education has provided me with extensive knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

So look onward to learn this and more at The Schwer Extrz.

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