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The Electoral College

Another election, another round of abolishing the Electoral College. It is a peculiarity of the US electoral system which can lead to some odd results as we are seeing in 2016. However, it is just another one of those many checks-and-balances found throughout American institutions. Continue reading

The NZ earthquake

New Zealand has continued to rattle after the massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake on Monday. The latest reports¬†have confirmed two fatalities and damages could reach in to the billions of dollars. The seaside town of Kaikoura has been effectively isolated by the earthquake due to slips (landslides)¬†covering the narrow roads leading to it, including State Highway … Continue reading

Sunday Night Movies: “Arrival”

This Sunday we take a look at the newly released sci-fi film “Arrival” staring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. Is it just another alien invasion story, or something more? Continue reading

NZ hit by large earthquake

Reports a large earthquake has hit the middle of New Zealand shortly after midnight. Fortunately, there have been no reports of major casualties so far. A tsunami has been reported to have hit alongside the east coast. Earthquakes are quite common in New Zealand as it rests along the Pacific Ring of Fire. Daylight will … Continue reading

Take my California, please

With the 2016 election over and the results at odds with California’s preferences, they yet again want to leave the United States. As much as I would not mind them leaving, it simply is not going to happen. Continue reading

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