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Tragedy as farce

The FBI and the victims of San Bernadino continue to pressure Apple into creating backdoors for its security protocols, undermining consumer confidence and privacy rights. Despite offers from elsewhere to help the case, the FBI continues in what is becoming a farce. Continue reading

UK economy grows 0.5%

The latest┬áreport out of the Office of National Statistics shows the UK economy grew 0.5 per cent in the third quarter (October to December) of 2015, which is apparently good news for developed nations. Whereas China continues to grow at three times this (assuming their numbers are reliable of course) even when it is being … Continue reading

UPDATE: Here we go again (again)

We said it here first, but it is still too early to start heading for the exists – although I would be sure to know where the closest one is. Take a look at this MSN article here. Also check out the video in this article here.  

Here we go again (again)

Well, it looks like 2016 is not off to a strong start in the global economy. Is this just a rough patch (which certainly happens) or are we heading back in to another recession? Only time will tell… Take a look at the BBC story here.  

Time or Labour

Time is money as the saying goes, yet is it time to change the way wages are set? Rather than being set to the amount of labour available, perhaps we should consider the amount of time we are offering to employers. Indeed, time is money. Yet perhaps it is time to reconsider the price tag. Continue reading

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