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KOTFE: “Gemini Deception”

This chapter in Knights of the Fallen Empire sees our heroes try to take control of the Eternal Fleet, and with it remove Arcann’s hold on the Eternal Throne. Continue reading

Friday Night Games: “Alpha Protocol”

A spy game where your decisions can impact the story in profound and shocking ways. This game is worth playing for the story but not for the controls. Stealth is not much of an option here until your skilled enough to properly shoot a gun, which is well towards the end of the game. It should be a better game, but it still is worth a go. Continue reading

Friday Night Games: “Visions in the Dark”

“Knights of the Fallen Empire” continues with this excellent entry in the ongoing storyline. This episode explores the nuances of the Force and the ways in which the Sith and Jedi had failed to understand its use on Zakuul. It offers some interesting ideas as you face many challenges in the wilds of Odessen. Continue reading

Friday Night Games: “Firewatch”

A thoughtful interactive story which explores the ways people respond to personal tragedy and the choices we make. While not quite as emotionally charged as “The Walking Dead” or “Life is Strange”, this game benefits from strong vocal performances from its two leads and a poignant mystery which fits into the overall theme. Continue reading

Friday Night Games: “Life is Strange”

This game shows what digital interactive media can achieve. It gives you simple mechanics while focusing on the story and strong character development. You become invested in these characters (nothing more than pixels) and question the choices you make throughout the game. Am I doing the ‘right’ thing? Solid performances from all characters ground a strong story of friendship, the consequences of our choices and the complexity of human beings. Continue reading

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