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Friday Night Games: “Just Cause 3”

The third entry in this franchise does not do much to revolutionise its gameplay. If you have played the first two then you will know what to expect. The graphics are amazing and blowing stuff up is genuinely fun. However, after a while everything gets repetitive and a bit boring. Best played in small doses. Continue reading

Friday Night Games: “Disavowed”

The latest chapter in the ‘Knights of the Fallen Empire’ storyline continues with ‘Disavowed’. We meet up with an old friend of Havoc Squad who is busy behind enemy lines. Your ongoing attacks against Zakuul start to inspire those who have begun to question the wisdom of their Emperor. Not everyone will be keen to keep their subscription going, but the story so far has me looking forward to what happens next. Continue reading

Friday Night Games: “Grand Theft Auto V”

After waiting nearly two years to come to the PC, “Grand Theft Auto V” is the definitive version of this technological and entertaining behemoth. “San Andreas” was my favourite in the series, and I was worried “GTA V” would just be a re-mastered version of the original. It is not. This game is something more entirely. Continue reading

Friday Night Games – “Cities: Skylines”

With “Cities: Skylines” comes an end to the “SimCity” monopoly on city-management games. Everything about “Cities” is done well and makes for a fun and rewarding gaming experience. I could lose hours and hours of playing this game while trying to perfect my city as it sprawls out in every direction. Easy to learn, easy to play and hours of entertainment. Continue reading

Friday Night Games: “Verde Station”

A day late and a dollar short. For this week on Friday Night Games we take a look at “Verde Station”. This so-called ‘walking simulator’ features an interesting story and interactive experience which will leave you questioning what happened long after you finished it. Is it worth the price of admission for an hour or two of gameplay? Continue reading

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