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Sunday Night Movies: “Star Trek”

JJ Abrams’ reboot of the long-running franchise sends it into the 21st century at warp speed. Everything about the franchise is here and fans will not be (too) disappointed with the direction Abrams takes things. A solid film which sets the bar high for what I hope we can expect more of. Continue reading

Sunday Night Movies: “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”

Remember this film from your High School / College years? It does not seem like 15 years ago when this came out and most of the jokes are still great even if you have not seen this film. Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with Smith’s universe, this movie has a lot of comedy to offer and makes for great viewing on a Sunday night. Continue reading

Sunday Night Movies: “Olympus Has Fallen”

With a sequel recently released, and not much else going, I decided to take a look at “Olympus Has Fallen”. This is a straightforward and predictable action movie where North Korean commandoes (seriously?) manage to overrun the White House and attempt to hijack the US nuclear stockpile. Duh, duh, duh! Simple but entertaining. Continue reading

Sunday Night Movies: “Finding Nemo”

This Sunday we take a look at a light-hearted family classic from Pixar. “Finding Nemo” was released more than a decade ago yet everything about it still works. The movie looks great and features some wonderful voice work by its lead actors. We know how the story ends but it is such an entertaining film from start to finish. An instant classic I remember so well. Continue reading

Sunday Night Movies: “What We Do in the Shadows”

A movie about vampires living in Wellington, New Zealand which does not suck (I know, sorry). The movie follows a group of vampires in documentary-style as they go about their lives, dealing with the challenges of being a 21st century vampire. Most of the laughs come from awkward moments rather than over-the-top humour, yet the movie is entertaining and all the better when it comes off as being so real. Continue reading

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