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Dear Britain, @$%& You!

The European Parliament has had one of its most lively meetings perhaps ever as they debate the UKs withdrawl from the EU. Sadly, many MEPs have only reinforced the worst opinions people have of them. Yet the thing they fear the most: what if Britain does better? Continue reading

EU referendum: results

With the vote behind the UK, what can we expect from going forward? Continue reading

EU referendum: What now?

With the vote over, the predictable fault lines are showing. Unsurprisingly, Cameron has offered his resignation come this October and the EU has responded with a stiff upper-lip. Supporters in Europe have seen this as an opportunity to bring referendums to their own countries where (surprisingly) anti-EU sentiment is even stronger (e.g., France); keeping in … Continue reading

The EU referendum

With the major vote tomorrow on whether or not the UK should stay or go, we offer our two-pence. Continue reading

In support of European values

As MSN reports, Belgium is to make non-EU migrants sign a statement accepting European values. This is in response to ongoing concerns of failing to integrate new migrants into Belgian society, with some areas becoming hotbeds of terrorism. It is good to see at least one European country make this move in defence of European values. … Continue reading

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