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Ghost Town, population: 1

Noticed this story the other day in The New Zealand Herald. The town of Sostila has become a ghost town after being abandoned in the 1960s yet one man has decided on living there. Fausto Mottalini, 65, decided to move backĀ to the town after retiring as a doctor. He lives a mostly isolated and self-sustaining … Continue reading

Carpark of the future

A roof-top carpark in England was built and is accessible only by foot the BBC reports. The 80 space carpark in Farnborough, Hampshire was built 5 years ago with bridge access planned but never built. The council responsible for its construction said the economic downturn was responsible for the delay and parking was not a … Continue reading

Facebook to crack down on hate speech

BBC reports Facebook is looking to crack down on migrant hate speech in Germany through its social media services. As a private company, Facebook can do what it likes (even if it is at the behest of the German government) and I am all in favour of people not doing or saying vulgar things. Yet … Continue reading

Opps, Germany loses 130,000 migrants

BBC reportsĀ German officials do not know where 130,000 migrants are. Check between the sofa cushions? The discrepancy amounts to 13% of the 1.1m asylum seekers which have arrived in 2015. Yet the reason for this number could be do to clerical errors (counting people more than once) or the migrants could have moved elsewhere since … Continue reading

Referendum set for 23 June

News out of Downing St today is the referendum will be held on 23 June. Why is this important? As Nick Robinson writes, it is all about you and Britain. If you older than 58, he notes, it is a choice you never had. The European Union (or the European Economic Community as it was … Continue reading

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