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No, it’s not racism (facts be damned)

When so-called ‘white people’ voted for Barack Obama (twice, around 40 per cent) – it showed this group was enlightened. When so-called ‘white people’ vote for Donald Trump (around 58 per cent according to Fox News) – it shows this same group is inherently racist and bigoted, right? When so-called ‘black people’ voted for Barack Obama by more … Continue reading

ELECTION 2016: two things I (kinda) got right

Prior to the election, I made some predictions which it turns out were mostly wrong. I knew the House would stay in Republican hands, but that is about it. Yet I did peg the popular vote numbers quite well as it turns out.

No, 48% of Americans didn’t vote for Trump

Numbers can be deceiving. How to make sense of the US Election numbers? Continue reading

Canada’s immigration webpage crashes

BBC reports Canada’s immigration website has crashed, with many speculating it is due to the US election results. This has not been the first time people have over-reacted about an unfavourable US election outcome (Bush and Obama caused a similar spike in Google searches). However, this is an opportune time for Canada’s new national motto: “When it goes … Continue reading

ELECTION 2016: Hahahahaha!

One of the worst elections in memory and the worst in the 21st century has finally come to an end. The result: a shocking upset of everything we thought we knew. Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. Wow. Just, wow. Continue reading

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