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EU referendum: What now?

With the vote over, the predictable fault lines are showing. Unsurprisingly, Cameron has offered his resignation come this October and the EU has responded with a stiff upper-lip. Supporters in Europe have seen this as an opportunity to bring referendums to their own countries where (surprisingly) anti-EU sentiment is even stronger (e.g., France); keeping in … Continue reading

The EU referendum

With the major vote tomorrow on whether or not the UK should stay or go, we offer our two-pence. Continue reading

Victim buys burglar pint

As MSN reports, an Ipswich man chased a burglar from his home and down the pub before buying him a pint. Fred Foreman (no relation to Red Foreman from That 70s Show) found serial offender Alexander Hockett, 34, in his home before chasing him away. While in pursuit, Foreman saw Hockett enter the local pub. After … Continue reading

Greenpeace activists climb monuments

As MSN reports, Greenpeace activists have climbed various monuments around London to protest air pollution. There are many things I agree with Greenpeace on, but I fundamentally disagree with many of their tactics. Tactics such as this protest are inherently violent. Granted, not in a physical way per se, but they use force to make their point, which … Continue reading

Boris Johnson’s Manchester speech

As per my earlier post, listen to Boris Johnson’s Manchester speech for the Vote Leave camapaign here.

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