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Canada’s immigration webpage crashes

BBC reports Canada’s immigration website has crashed, with many speculating it is due to the US election results. This has not been the first time people have over-reacted about an unfavourable US election outcome (Bush and Obama caused a similar spike in Google searches). However, this is an opportune time for Canada’s new national motto: “When it goes … Continue reading

Economy recovers

As expected, the global economy has recovered its losses a week after the Brexit vote. Of course, during the entire week everyone was predicting doom and gloom. Overreact much?

Woman hit by toy car, demands comp

MSN reports a Chinese woman demanded compensation after being hit by a plastic toy car. The story is not entirely clear on the circumstances of the incident, and if it was going fast enough an older person could be injured. That said, the image of a grown woman allegedly taken down by a children’s toy … Continue reading

NZ flag stays

New Zealanders have voted to keep their existing flag. The $26m (£12.3m) referendum began in 2015 with the aim of either keeping the current flag or going with a new one. Many argued this was part of a national conversation about New Zealand’s identity and the desire amongst some to become truly independent (the Queen … Continue reading

Are women really still second-class citizens?

A recent report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) says its findings highlight the ongoing challenges women face in and out of the workplace, with little improvement being made during the past 20 years. Reports and others like it often rely on the numbers to uncritically justify their positions. Yet I argue the reasons are often based in culture rather than outright discrimination. While discrimination certainly exists, the numbers should not obscure the very real progress which has been made by women (and men). Continue reading

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