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Microsoft pulls plug on 360

BBC reports Microsoft will be discontinuing production of the Xbox 360. The game console was originally released all the way back in 2005 as a 2nd-generation to the Xbox. Xbox boss Phil Spencer said more than 78 billion (78,000,000,000) hours of gameplay had taken place since then on the system. All remaining systems would be sold and … Continue reading

PC gaming challenges consoles

With the first ever PC-specific convention in the UK this weekend, the BBC takes a look at the rise of the PC as the choice for digital interactive entertainment. Yet as an avid PC gamer myself, I think the PC has always been ahead of the times. Continue reading

Extrz reaches its Golden Years

We reach our first milestone at The Schwer Extrz: our 50th post! Continue reading

Eagle vs drone: old tech vs new

BBC reports the Metropolitan Police in London are considering using eagles to bring down drones being used for criminal activity. Aside from the idea being inherently cool, critics do raise concern about the welfare of the birds being used in this way especially given the design of most drones having four rotating blades. The report does not … Continue reading

God’s Algorithm

What was once part of science-fiction stories has increasingly become more normal as technology rapidly changes to overtake our imaginations. So what is God’s Algorithm? It is the underlying code behind everything there is to ever possibly know in the Universe. The more we understand how the world works, the more we are able to turn this knowledge towards improving our way of life. We will have answers one day because they are already there waiting to be discovered. Continue reading

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