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The Walking Dead – Season 6 review

With season 6 over and done we take a look back at all 16 episodes of “The Walking Dead”. It ended up being a mostly strong season which led us to the penultimate reveal of Negan and The Saviours. This season examined some interesting themes and featured some brutal moments. I am looking forward to seeing where all this leads us in season 7 as someone dies and Rick’s Army is brought to its knees. Continue reading

The Walking Dead: “Last Day on Earth”

Season 6 comes to an end with the welcome introduction to The Saviours and Negan, who does not disappoint. Not much happened in this tense episode as all roads led to the final confrontation between Rick’s Army and The Saviours. Negan brings the group literally to their knees, and insists on Lucile getting some justice. Continue reading

The Walking Dead – “Twice as Far”

The war between Rick’s Army and The Saviours is just around the corner, but we do not see too much in this episode. This is a bottle episode where not a lot happens except for some character building. We do see the death of a character and a tense standoff, but the real battle has not quite yet begun. Continue reading

The Walking Dead – “The Same Boat”

A tense episode which has the characters and the audience questioning how far good people are willing to go in order to survive. After being captured by The Saviours, Carol and Maggie do their best to escape and finish off their captors. Yet has this world become too much for Carol to keep going? Continue reading

The Walking Dead – “Not Tomorrow Yet”

The tension keeps going up as the clash between Rick’s Army and The Saviours becomes likelier. In this episode, Rick launches a surprise attack on an outpost – killing everyone inside – to keep his part of the deal with Hilltop. Yet things do not go according to plan, leaving the group vulnerable and out in the open as things turn for the worst. Continue reading

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