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The Walking Dead – “Knots Untie”

In this week’s “The Walking Dead” Rick and Co show just how amazing they are at taking care of business. As Jesus promised, our world gets a whole lot bigger as we meet the settlement of Hilltop and learn a little more about how capable Negan is. The tension is becoming palpable as we slowly march towards the confrontation between Rick’s Army and Negan’s Saviours. Continue reading

The Walking Dead – “The Next World”

The Walking Dead continues its strong back half of season 6 with a lighter hearted episode. This actually works well given last week’s non-stop tension and shocks. We are introduced to a favourite character from the comics named Jesus who is clearly not telling us everything and ends up being more playful than menacing with Daryl and Rick on their road trip. There are some nice character developments here and it is good to see Alexandria getting on with things. Yet we all know this happiness will not last for long. Continue reading

‘The Walking Dead’ mid-season premiere

”The Walking Dead” returns in this mid-season premiere with a bang (literally). It has everything we want from this show: death, action and lots of zombies. Finally, after 6 years we get to see Rick’s army be everything we expected it to be. Continue reading

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