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TV Tuesday: “Deep Space Nine (Season 1)” – Top 5 episodes

Take a look at season one’s best episodes from the “Star Trek” franchises 3rd series – “Deep Space Nine”. Continue reading

TV Tuesday: ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’

What is this show? This is the first question you will be asking yourself as you try to make sense of what it is you are watching. Do not do this. Take this show for what it is, a silly, absurd and surreal piece of television comedy gold. Watch it. Continue reading

TV Tuesday: Doctor Who (Series 9)

Peter Capaldi returns as The Doctor in this second outing, featuring strong stories and remarkable performances. Most of the stories are two-parters and see the return of The Master, Daleks and Zygons as well as some new characters and mosters. Series 9 is strong from start to finish and may just be the best series in the modern era. Continue reading

TV Tuesday: “Jessica Jones”

This new 13 episode series from Netflix explores the darker side of the Marvel Universe. It is a superhero story for adults, but the focus is on the characters rather than their powers. Strong performances from every actor will remind viewers the genre is a genuine source for excellent entertainment. Continue reading

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