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TV Tuesday: ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’

What is this show? This is the first question you will be asking yourself as you try to make sense of what it is you are watching. Do not do this. Take this show for what it is, a silly, absurd and surreal piece of television comedy gold. Watch it. Continue reading

Sunday movie review: ‘Zoolander’

This movie is exactly what you would expect for a satire of the fashion industry, but it is a funny and entertaining film. The plot is straightforward, but surprisingly holds up well after 15 years, and most of the beats can be seen miles away. Yet this is a comedy and you get exactly what you pay for here. With a sequel to be released this February, we take a look at where it all began… Continue reading

TV Tuesday: ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ – “Charlie Work”

I have watched every episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia up to the end of season 10 (hurry up Netflix!). It is an odd show but by God it is funny. There are too many favourites to choose from – although the Lethal Weapon movies are amazing – I think my favourite has to … Continue reading

Friday Night Games: ‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’

‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’ is a game fans have been waiting for ever since the show appeared on air in 1997. The story is simply hilarious and the gameplay entertaining enough to carry you along this journey. If you have ever wanted to take part in a 12-hour episode of ‘South Park’ and explore this small, redneck moutain town, then this is a game well worth a look. Continue reading

Sunday movie review: “22 Jump Street”

This hilarious sequel to the 2012 film features Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum doing exactly what you would expect from such a self-aware franchise, and the film is all the funnier for it. The story is familiar territory and some of the gags are too, yet it never becomes repetitive or over the top. This is exactly what we want to see and the movie knows this all too well. Continue reading

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