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Friday Night Games: “Firewatch”

A thoughtful interactive story which explores the ways people respond to personal tragedy and the choices we make. While not quite as emotionally charged as “The Walking Dead” or “Life is Strange”, this game benefits from strong vocal performances from its two leads and a poignant mystery which fits into the overall theme. Continue reading

Lionhead Studios due to shut

BBC reports the studio responsible for the “Fable” series is due to shut after 20 years in the industry. Lionhead Studios was responsible for the “Fable” series, which in many ways for me was the first game which showed consequences to the choices you made. I did not play the rest of the series, due … Continue reading

PC gaming challenges consoles

With the first ever PC-specific convention in the UK this weekend, the BBC takes a look at the rise of the PC as the choice for digital interactive entertainment. Yet as an avid PC gamer myself, I think the PC has always been ahead of the times. Continue reading

End of the PC era?

Is the PC becoming an antiquated platform for digital entertainment media? Latest research suggests the PC continues to be a solid platform, accounting for more than half of 2015 sales. Continue reading

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