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Election recount?

BBC reports Green Party candidate Jill Stein wants a recount of the Wisconsin election. Continue reading

The Electoral College

Another election, another round of abolishing the Electoral College. It is a peculiarity of the US electoral system which can lead to some odd results as we are seeing in 2016. However, it is just another one of those many checks-and-balances found throughout American institutions. Continue reading

No, it’s not racism (facts be damned)

When so-called ‘white people’ voted for Barack Obama (twice, around 40 per cent) – it showed this group was enlightened. When so-called ‘white people’ vote for Donald Trump (around 58 per cent according to Fox News) – it shows this same group is inherently racist and bigoted, right? When so-called ‘black people’ voted for Barack Obama by more … Continue reading

ELECTION 2016: two things I (kinda) got right

Prior to the election, I made some predictions which it turns out were mostly wrong. I knew the House would stay in Republican hands, but that is about it. Yet I did peg the popular vote numbers quite well as it turns out.

No, 48% of Americans didn’t vote for Trump

Numbers can be deceiving. How to make sense of the US Election numbers? Continue reading

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