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ELECTION 2016: Hahahahaha!

One of the worst elections in memory and the worst in the 21st century has finally come to an end. The result: a shocking upset of everything we thought we knew. Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. Wow. Just, wow. Continue reading

Election 2016: a lesser of two God-awful choices

The worst election of the 21st century is finally coming to an end. I offer some predictions as to Tuesday’s outcome, but regardless it is going to be an awful four years. Continue reading

Super Tuesday results

The results from Super Tuesday did not come as a surprise, with Clinton and Trump the frontrunners for November. Ted Cruz had a stronger showing than expected and his delegate count is not so far behind to leave Trump completely secure in the nomination. However, unless Trump manages to somehow lose votes over the next … Continue reading

Super Tuesday underway

The strange ritual known as the primary season is underway in the United States.┬áToday is known as Super Tuesday and includes more than a dozen elections making it the largest voting day. We are down to five candidates at the moment (two Democrats, three Republicans…sorry Kasich and Carson) and the outcome will help whittle this … Continue reading

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