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Dear Britain, @$%& You!

The European Parliament has had one of its most lively meetings perhaps ever as they debate the UKs withdrawl from the EU. Sadly, many MEPs have only reinforced the worst opinions people have of them. Yet the thing they fear the most: what if Britain does better? Continue reading

When passions rule

We are emotional beings who more times than not think with our hearts and not our heads. The referendum both before and after has shown this, and the news continues to show people’s emotions starting to get the best of them. Continue reading

Democracy sucks

Scotland says the results were unacceptable and a new petition wants a do-over. Are we a democracy or a banana republic? Continue reading

‘Gateway to Hell’ ready to blow

As MSN reports, the volcanic “gateway to hell” is ready to blow. Apparently, the Remain campaign was right about all the fire and brimstone!

Much Ado about Scotland

With the referendum behind the UK, what does this mean for Scotland where they voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU? First minister Nicola Sturgeon says another Scottish independence referendum is “highly likely” now. Yet does Scotland really want to jump from Westminster only to go to Brussels? Continue reading

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