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EU referendum: results

With the vote behind the UK, what can we expect from going forward? Continue reading

EU referendum: What now?

With the vote over, the predictable fault lines are showing. Unsurprisingly, Cameron has offered his resignation come this October and the EU has responded with a stiff upper-lip. Supporters in Europe have seen this as an opportunity to bring referendums to their own countries where (surprisingly) anti-EU sentiment is even stronger (e.g., France); keeping in … Continue reading

UK votes leave

At the time of writing, the UK has voted to leave – and the world is still turning! I am pleased with the results yet there are a few things to keep in mind going forward. First, the results are not legally binding. Second, despite a solid turnout, the results are not decisive. In short, … Continue reading

The EU referendum

With the major vote tomorrow on whether or not the UK should stay or go, we offer our two-pence. Continue reading

Boris Johnson’s Manchester speech

As per my earlier post, listen to Boris Johnson’s Manchester speech for the Vote Leave camapaign here.

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