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What I want from No Man’s Sky

With the PC release coming tomorrow, what is it I am expecting most from this highly anticipated sci-fi game? Continue reading

Friday Night Games: “Visions in the Dark”

“Knights of the Fallen Empire” continues with this excellent entry in the ongoing storyline. This episode explores the nuances of the Force and the ways in which the Sith and Jedi had failed to understand its use on Zakuul. It offers some interesting ideas as you face many challenges in the wilds of Odessen. Continue reading

Sunday Night Movies: “10 Cloverfield Lane”

In this sequel (yes, it is) to 2008’s sci-fi horror “Cloverfield”, Mary Elizabeth Winstead finds herself trapped by John Goodman. We are never quite sure if things are really the way they appear until the final moments of the movie, when the tension finally boils over. Continue reading

Sunday Night Movies: “Star Trek”

JJ Abrams’ reboot of the long-running franchise sends it into the 21st century at warp speed. Everything about the franchise is here and fans will not be (too) disappointed with the direction Abrams takes things. A solid film which sets the bar high for what I hope we can expect more of. Continue reading

Friday Night Games: “Disavowed”

The latest chapter in the ‘Knights of the Fallen Empire’ storyline continues with ‘Disavowed’. We meet up with an old friend of Havoc Squad who is busy behind enemy lines. Your ongoing attacks against Zakuul start to inspire those who have begun to question the wisdom of their Emperor. Not everyone will be keen to keep their subscription going, but the story so far has me looking forward to what happens next. Continue reading

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