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Democracy sucks

Scotland says the results were unacceptable and a new petition wants a do-over. Are we a democracy or a banana republic? Continue reading

Much Ado about Scotland

With the referendum behind the UK, what does this mean for Scotland where they voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU? First minister Nicola Sturgeon says another Scottish independence referendum is “highly likely” now. Yet does Scotland really want to jump from Westminster only to go to Brussels? Continue reading

EU referendum: results

With the vote behind the UK, what can we expect from going forward? Continue reading

SNP at it again

The Scottish National Party (SNP) looks to build a new case for independence the BBC reports. In the 2014 referendum, Scotland voted 55% against independence, with party leader Nicola Sturgeon admitting many had not “found our arguments compelling enough”. Yet Sturgeon did not want to “browbeat” voters into accepting change. Scots I have spoken with … Continue reading

Cameron urges Holyrood ‘to move toward us’

As BBC reports, Prime Minister David Cameron has written a letter to Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon urging Holyrood ”to move toward us” concerning the devolution of financial powers. Last year, after the Scotland independence referendum failed, an agreement was reached to devolve more powers to Scotland. The Scots, in no way surprised, are still … Continue reading

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