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KOTFE: “Gemini Deception”

This chapter in Knights of the Fallen Empire sees our heroes try to take control of the Eternal Fleet, and with it remove Arcann’s hold on the Eternal Throne. Continue reading

KOTFE: “Mandalore’s Revenge”

This chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire has our hero the Outlander forging an alliance with the galaxy’s toughest warriors – the Mandalorian’s. Continue reading

KOTFE: “Profit and Plunder”

This chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire is a more light-hearted offering which has you getting the gang together to break in to the Empire’s vault to steal its wealth. Continue reading

What I want from No Man’s Sky

With the PC release coming tomorrow, what is it I am expecting most from this highly anticipated sci-fi game? Continue reading

Friday Night Games: “Visions in the Dark”

“Knights of the Fallen Empire” continues with this excellent entry in the ongoing storyline. This episode explores the nuances of the Force and the ways in which the Sith and Jedi had failed to understand its use on Zakuul. It offers some interesting ideas as you face many challenges in the wilds of Odessen. Continue reading

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